Services For Healthcare Facilities

At CompleteCare, we compassionately collect more dollars from your patients for less than your cost to collect.

With our internally-developed, proprietary software, CareBill TM, CompleteCare can design any statement program you need. We understand that different facilities in different communities have different needs, and we can handle all of them. Below is our typical process for collecting on day-one accounts.

  • Receive account information electronically from the healthcare partner. Statements generate the very next business day.
  • Combine all accounts for a guarantor into one revolving statement.
  • Verify initial address through NCOA (National Change of Address).
  • Mail out statements in the healthcare facility’s name with a return envelope and introduction letter.
  • Receive payments on accounts via lock box.
  • Post payments to appropriate accounts.
  • Produce a detailed report and remittance (by ACH or physical check) listing payments, credits, debits, adjustments, address updates, etc.
  • Mail out additional statements on appropriate cycle date as long as the account stays current.  The current statements will include any new charges, payments, adjustments, etc.
  • Begin address update efforts if initial statement comes back with unknown address.
  • Send reminder statements through a 90-day cycle  if no payment is received from initial statement.
  • Operate a full Call Center for your patients by taking payments by phone; handling disputes; obtaining additional insurance information; making more affordable payment arrangements; etc.  
  • Patients can also make payments online at a co-branded website or IVR.

CompleteCare can provide any or all of the above services together or separately.